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We provide creative solutions to clients around South Africa,
based on the South African curriculum and daily experiences.


Sam is a dedicated drama teacher at a reputable school in Stellenbosch, with 5+ years of experience. She has a degree in dramatic arts and has completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Sam places the needs of her learners as a personal priority.


Krish is formally a data warehouse developer and researcher in Information and Knowledge Management. He holds a Masters degree (Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch University. He has 11+ years of work experience in both the public and private sectors. Krish’s areas of expertise pertain to data warehouse development, social science research, economic modelling and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) measurement.

Krish manages various research projects ranging from the Digital Economy, Large scale survey management, ICT evaluation and also contributes to research in human capabilities, wellbeing, infrastructure financing, employment targeting and economic modelling.

Krish applies his technical training and experience within the policy research space to promote innovative research practices. Krish applies these skills to guide learners and educators in the pursuit promoting their digital skills.

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